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Vortex Fire Pit
Vortex Fire Pit
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Product Description

Add a contemporary centrepiece and comforting warmth to your garden today with our captivating Vortex Fire Pit, finished in a sleek black and made from durable steel to last for years to come.

See more of the flames than a traditional firepit design allows for thanks to the unique vortex design, allowing for safe, relaxing viewing.

Use the included fire poker to easily maintain the fire, coloured in black to match the pit.

With easy-to-follow instructions, have the stylish firepit set up in no time!

We recommend that you cover the firepit when not in use during winter months to ensure its longevity, and to place on a heat-resistant surface such as a concrete patio slab, rather than on decking or any flammable surfaces.  The fire should also never be left unsupervised or used in windy conditions, and you should always be aware of the fire’s potential to eject embers due to its open design.

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